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Thursday, April 7, 2011

budding life weights.


a gloomy morning, a drizzle in afternoon and a rain in night.^Its first work day after the lunar holiday, Qingming. i joined the ditched office almost on time, to harvest downloadable games for baby son, even i hated to confront the sin on facing desk. all the morning the crap frequently overt stuck out his neck to stare at me, profaned the saint. I didn't even blink upon the sieged dirt&threats, self-possessed with tasks in executing. after the noon break i returned to dorm, napped after sorted my notebook disk. mostly its gloomy, like a prelude of sandstorm. during fixing my gtalk within gmail, i told my cyberspace friend from Taiwan that i planned to buy storage from google to store raw files from my FujiFilm camera, to endear family album more realistic. he helped me by accpet video chat invitation but never comment on my request of help on google storage plan, which doesn't support alipay, a Chinese mainstream online payment tool and my only overseas payment method now. i hope i didn't hurt friends from freedom world i wouldn't like to be separated from. God, bring us freedom of lightened hearts, shows the height and weight of human freedom of independent and friendly. God, bring me freedom of arranging my life as wished, bring my baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, owner of site warozhu.com and wozon.net, Hope of China, God of Universe, his promised present, a dell game notebook. bring my girls into our new marriage. God!
after gamed awhile on my notebook, its started drizzling. Asoh Yukiko, in such a extraordinary blessing event, could u see my situation? could u be safe and save Japanese from their vested land now in disaster? could u determined to join me to pave new road and garden for future Japan, the fate our blood linkage means to give? God, Asoh Yukiko, i'm ready for the historic migration, opener fence for our nations Heavenly bond since my spiritual wakeup. Yes, I'm the only captain on the vessel saves. join me sooner as God lets, as u will.


dreamed of my past parents.^Today is lunar Qingming. this dawn dreamed of my past parents who saw my poor financial status. one of my teenage friend in Zhudajiu, my hometown village, Zhucaigui brought me some gifts. my parents watched me had to wait for remittance from baby's mom or my once work unit, ie. from my once work place. dad especially hope i can improve his living which so far shabby. then i got insight of devils in the village regarding my dad as their enemy. they r the 2 sons of my dad's 2nd elder brother, who died in his middle age, a neighbor who long time operated monopoly rice machine in the village, a neighbor who once a teacher in Mao's years, and long time cheap mimic of my dad's expertise and whose grandson still profaned my dad's name by mimic & mocks. this morning is sunny outside. hopeful baby's dell notebook sooner arrives. God, grant my son new dell game notebook, as my best gift in this hopeful Spring. God, dad, i wouldn't follow Chinese custom to burn printed paper bill as money in world of died, u will see the reality how well-being my Royal is to be under sunshine.


dreamed of Royal prophet.^dreamed of Empire meeting about Royal secret. the prince too young, the math teacher praised the woman likely baby's mom, and scorned me for my mind absence. the course discussed part of the fate and secret of Royal of China. late sleep till 10:48am got up. Its a beaming Monday but according lunar Calendar Chinese in PRC enjoying Qingming Festival, a time to mourn past ancestors. yesterday baby showered in public bathroom with me. he immersed in wresting with a sin, likely a middle aged man who evaded my sight when i turned back near end of my shower&caught the dirty threat rushing to slide himself into hot pool where men herds, attempted to hide his sins from my aware. baby's nose ran out a large block of blood and mucus when i put on him, i wiped with towel but first time ditched bathing pack there, found the mistake till arrived baby's mom's house. i fetched it back on my own. on way back with baby son after bought him some candy from grocery aside the public bathroom, i affirmed baby son the mighty of God, forever blissed and growing his life on the earth to witness. when i left to QRRS dorms, his mom brought him with toy bike to roam outside, where brilliant sunshine still glorifying the day, Apr 3, 2011, lunar 1st of March. God, bring baby his promised gift, a dell game notebook. bring me my blessed marriage with my girl Zhou, as well as my other girls, like Taiwan girl, girl Lü, girl Jiang, girl on train from Harbin to Qiqihar in my 2nd hometown journey, and my God, my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko. grows my Royal of China in course of my coming Empire&lives its 1109 years lifespan, God.

From Spring 2011 in a nut

From Spring 2011 in a nut

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