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Thursday, February 24, 2011

fight&reach out for improved life digital&online.


a day for gift for baby son.^yesterday is a bright day. the night before when i worked in the ditched office online, God let me discuss new loan of 6000rmb, for a dell game notebook, with my Taiwan friend. he helped me preview changes i made to baby's site, warozhu.com, for it deadly blocked in PRC. China surveillance cut down my Internet just after i claimed, the brighter my future, the better i can pay him back. i waited for Internet resume for half an hour, left office after found the breakdown by China surveillance is thoughtful&determined. the night i buzzed my elder sister in hometown, central China, about my hatred kid brother. she told me she with her husband loaned our kid brother 30000rmb for his small business (officail site: http://www.pinschina.com ). i dozed again after breakfast, as recent frequent cases. when my energy resumed, God shows me to act at once for the coming gift. so i went to baby's mom's house, trying settle the deal to buy baby a game notebook from dell.com. the house jammed with baby's mom's family, the grandma, her second daughter, baby's mom herself. i elaborated with Taiwan friend, who felt the loan too large&refused me. when he told me his decision, baby asked me to game with him. dinner soon started. i told baby's mom my assignment of the missing income, amount to 1500rmb, found on the rebuilt bank card after she lost it. she less irritated&checked my expense log on http://www.buxfer.com , accepted my writen back bad debt on her stealthy withdrawal&spent. returned to my dorm, i watched agian the movie, "under the hawthorn tree", wept again for the pure love. God, the burning love shines the dark years Chinese struck for a better future inspired by Marxism, a masked fake dogma just fitted in to break the dying, vicious&poisonous Confucius disabled Chinese for thousands years. i was encouraged to cherish new republic of China as a breakout and new transit paving my new Empire of China will last 1109 years, under God's shine&shrine. in this dawn, i dreamed gathered with my Nankai Univ. alumni, shooting photos when we sport to upstairs the skyscraper, TV tower. God, Asoh Yukiko, i know baby's dell game notebook is now out of doubts, still i look forward to see it sooner. God, Asoh, this week still is a bright week, and right time for the new bliss. cheers baby son up with the timely present. God, my dearest, u hear. love me, love my bird sooner. join in our family&blood bond.


second snow in lunar new year 2011.^last night i again surfed via the ditched office. i talked with my Taiwan friend who loaned me to buy domains that i decided to admit the loss baby's mom withdrew from my account stealthily, amount to ¥1500. the change occurred after i watched a movie "under the hawthorn tree" baby's mom lent me. its a touching love story happened in China decades ago. i wept a lot for the pure love. God shows me the most valuable thing on the earth is timely love. i buzzed baby&his mom several times after the watching, attempting to express my love to the world. his mom still in anger but less exploding. its a sunny day, exeptional bright. after dinner's jog, i can't resist appealing of Internet, so i dropped in my old office. i tried to fix the homepage of baby son, warrenzh's site, http://warozhu.com . even proxy tool can't penetrate China surveillance, so i had to ask help from overseas friend to preview changed result. this dawn i was woke up by busy people cleaning snow in the dorms. yesterday likely the first day large scope snow melting. Spring, with its warmth&sunniness, stepping to us. God, Asoh Yukiko, i mostly seeing my preferred season, as well as life style lavish as i like, fetching me into my harbor of mental&physical. God, Asoh, these webless months let me know how important my own slot of supply is. grant me a new improved workspace, with thunder speed Internet. God, u see how i value the works of web as future reality, as baby of mental. bring me onto the magic landscape of vast&vest. save baby's mom from ruin in her heart, redeem her sin by her baptism. forever ur untouchable glory, God, Asoh Yukiko, our baby son, warrenzh, God of Universe, forever his joys&anxiousless. Asoh Yukiko, save me from loneliness by ur companion now.


finally got my acer notebook.^past week especially busy. i surfed most work nights in the week in the ditched office after work time over&its staff left. i settled most urgent tasks i enlisted, like claimed new publishing account for baby son, warrenzh, Hope of China, God of Universe, prepared him his workspace online. i also tried to update family 4 domains' homepage, adding google friend connect web elements onto its forums, like http://forum.be21zh.org ,fine tuned family google sites&forums with new sidebar which includes all resized logos i designed. previously i only place the original size of my logos online, just let my web pages to resize it, which costs more time to download. now most of them have orginal&iconized size. till Tuesday i saw light of free time, and i buzzed first time baby son in the week. on Friday, i got salary spreadsheet, visit baby at once for the improved salary, amounts to ¥1821. i talked online to my Taiwan friend who loaned me to register 2 domains, talking about returned him ¥500 first. in Saturday i treated baby&his mom in a Koreal cuisine restaurant with toast mutton, as i hungry for it when i suffered hunger alone penniless in the past lunar Spring Festival when most Chinese enjoy the greatest holiday. baby ate happily, more than his usual bites. on way returning to his mom's house, his mom left us to withdraw from my salary bank card. i played awhile pc game with baby then went to shower. when i returned, his mom told me she lost my bank card&need my own go to bank to reclaim a new one. its near over time, but we managed to make a new account for my salary from QRRS, my once and long time employer. the worker in the bank help us to print transactions since last month. i asked to keep the print sheet for i need the new account id on the paper to inform the accountant in QRRS the change. soon in dorm after i check the sheet, i found missing income from QRRS, who totally added bonus near ¥6000 around lunar Spring festival, while baby's mom totally withdrawn ¥6600 in the period, when my debt her less than ¥3000 before the festival. God, isn't it ur arrangement to let me see ur seasonal gift i prayed for is richly granted? isn't it ur righteous help to let the sinful little woman quit from her crime of cheat&stealth? God, isn't it as u told me i was the most informed&pivot of world most important affairs? in the night i roamed in dorm later than 11am, with enlightment of hidden foul by the sinister&joice of new gifts from Heaven. i informed baby's mom about the fact near 8pm. the night i slept sound, dozed again after next day's breakfast. when i woke up after 12am, i got Holy message that i can from now on keep my acer notebook i laid in baby's mom's house for baby's games but mostly occupied by his mom so long, now that the hope of buying baby a new game notebook appears more promising. when i buzzed in baby's mom claimed she is leaving the city to join her grandma's birthday a trip of 3 hours train, and no one stay her house to let me fetch my acer notebook. in less than a quarter, i decided to visit her house by taxi. when i arrived, the woman cursed me for my visit as usual. baby&the grandma didn't leave all the day, herself later than 3pm buzzed in, said she missed the train&didn't travel. so she likely had a longer time behavior of lying me. i busy with migrating data there, then went to computer market to buy a 16gb udisk for myself, a mouse to replace the broken for baby's desktop. its so nice a day, who is sunny most the day. in the night in dorm, i felt hard to calm down for my acer notebook. in the dawn, i dreamed a lot. a once colleague, Mahongsheng, appeared in my dream. he promoted to a higher rank&boast his management expertise in dream. then i dreamed of the ruling tribe of latest dynasty in Chinese history, Manchu (满族), i worked among them to inspect a leaking dam erode by many underground streams. God, its a pale morning, but my old hope of improved family life is even stronger. save me from defacement by sins i walked by or through, bring me my new family with my girls on new horizen! God, bring baby son a new dell game notebook, so as let us happier in the ill-cogged interest in his mom's.

From Lunar Spring Festival 2011

From life as it extends

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