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Monday, November 8, 2010

a bright week, horn echoes golden memory of baby son, warrenzh.

last week shown my more dependence on baby: 2 nights&2 days spent together with baby son, &countless moments when alone enchanted by memories of gaming on pc with the Spirit, baby son. the 2 weekends also saw baby started to differentiate himself from some of my liked games, some occasions i had to drag him to join our old games on the Acer notebook, from lingered in his animation online. his mom quite addictive to QQ farm game, most of nights i can imagine she left baby alone in animation while she busy with collecting vegetables in the game i despised.
in the second half of the week, i saw quite of bliss from my girls. some beautiful young lives in QRRS area re-appeared when i missing them days, for they shown affection on me in these months while i felt i can't improve them by weaving them into my closest life or family bond. but a radio in noon break on Friday reminded me my expanding social graphic is family of Gospel, is under God's shine, so never it turns burden for me, nor for my Royal of China. for impossible is God, for plenty&peace of love is the ultimate landscape sustains healthy&wealthy of people. my heart broaden by the gospel, seeing Christian is the source of pleasure for anyone, seeing i can exchange with girls that loves me with faith in goodness while i likely passing them by.
this weekends full of games playing. i felt so exciting that a bit tired in dorm after the 2 days. games brought me so many happy time, while my girls longing for our gathering, that sometimes lets me sorry. but i trust God to free me off anxiousness upon possible unbalanced response among endeared callings. God, i don't want to be a nerd or geeky in the meaning for self-indulge or self-entrenched, forever let beautiful things, including human souls esp. of girls, enriches my life, upgrades my linkage with the holy. God, never allow me failing my beloved, i entreat u.
BTW, in dawn of Saturday dreamed of lots of snakes under my clothes on my body, caught one who biting my palm harmlessly. this dawn dreamed of being a commander of Germany troop or some lateral organization, likely from the game, lost horizon, i played with baby these days.


a night harbored near baby son.^yesterday i won a lot from web, as God grants. in office work time, clear most unread feeds. left office soon after work over, buzzed baby for i felt touching love&mercy on him in the dusk, found his mom stayed in her school while the grandma there attending him. decided at once to go over to accompany him. he was watching TV with his grandma when i arrived, his mom brought away the game notebook, &the legacy desktop yet power on. so i turned on the desktop&trying to show him newest games' trailer video. but his mom soon returned. after dinner we joined our pastime games, succeeded some missions, partially aided by online guide. his mom urged me to leave after some gaming, but later allowed me to sleep on baby's bed, while the grandma slept with her&baby son in bedroom. the night so happy till baby felt sleepy, for he stayed 2 days at home for cold, &didn't nap in daytime as routine in kindergarten. i busy with trying new games&theme packs on the Acer notebook, after 10pm. in night i guarded in dream for my family. got up early but don't felt exhausted. exchanged morning bliss with baby son, who got up lately near breakfast, join office when it outside still like a frozen weather. i hope i see sunshine later today, for time spent with baby son so meaningful. God, bring me my new family with my girls. save my mother in hometown who said dying ill.


mother's health reportedly worsen.^yesterday is a bright day. i read&d/l. refined hometown, Zhudajiu's google profile even been blocked from saving changes for hours. the facing evil started a business travel, while the monitor insisted closing office door to profane nearby. God drove it away later, out of my notice. in night when i buzzed baby, who still refused to receive my call, his mom told me my elder sister from hometown told her my mother dying, &suggested me return to hometown. i rebuffed, for economic reason as well as holy message. God, u see how my life here meaningful. God, bring me my new family with my girls! i need a family to cater to baby son, warrenzh, owner of warozhu.com, Hope of China. i need a new family for the prosperous of new Empire of China reset. God, u see.


a night reunited with baby son&Asoh Yukiko.^yesterday sees my elation with game "medal of honor". left office with another bonus from web&in time for dinner in canteen. the web answered via google our problem in a game "lost horizon", can't help buzz baby when roamed outside after dinner about the solution for the pinched mission in the game. but baby refused to talk to me. in last Sunday dusk he shown reluctance to let me leave, after a full day's gaming on notebook. so i sensed baby missing me. near returning to dorm, i decided to visit baby&stay with him a night in his mom's house. God grants my action. on the last bus, a girl student shown me her tenderness, which aggravates my energy of sole presence. baby was attended by his mom on his homework when i arrived. i waited silently aside till he join me with the game "lost horizon", in which he insisted longer than i expect to play. then i shown him game trailer of "medal of honor", which quite refreshing him, among his mom's complain of late sleep. the night i slept alone in baby's room&almost sleepless. dreamed of Asoh Yukiko&our love making. it took longer time to satisfy ourselves in the dream. also dreamed a graduated hometown girl. in dawn, talk to baby while he on bedroom, that his everyday can not be more perfect in God's glory, &my single task to expand our family on the earth. join office in bright sunshine. God, bring me my new family to cater to baby's growth, God, i need peace&luxury of family in new set.


a busy work day.^yesterday full of bliss. posted a blog to include baby son's photos in recent gathering. posting was challenged by new spy&blocking network gears in the company, likely just next floor in the same building, done narrowly this morning. gays in office also exerted its best dirt upon me. but the fruit of the day is sweet, no matter on stuff online or offline. in the night when i roamed outside, sexual power lingered on me quite some time. this dawn i woke up&sensed it again. i gradually recognized the source of the thick desire. now its a brilliant early winter morning, God, bring my beloved to me, let me join my girls in our new family! God, protect baby against boring&tasteless.

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