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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

impotent of the ruling nowadays China, before the collapse.

Hu's only weapon.^RT 政府现在一贯的原则是,任何重大的事故,不管对民众伤害有多大,都以爱护官员为第一前提,这几乎已成了中国官场铁律。@ranyunfei a perceivable claim. Hu has nothing potent but the cadre system, all dogs. CCP nothing but a dog system predating common Chinese, its hierarchy heavily depend on lower level cadres as teeth&paw.China now for the new era has to cease predating human, which lasts thousand years accompanies national Confucian as covert cheating orthodox. China as a new Empire reset by Zhu's, offspring of last native Chinese nation's Emperor, already started by benzrad, 朱子卓's glorious lead below God's shine&shrine. follow us at http://wiki.be21zh.org ,&time for change among Chinese on the scary land since the fall of Ming Dynasty and now in the pitfall of communism, a handcuff from its geo-strategical enemy, Russia, the dark&theft dog of Euro-Asian continent. China belongs to God that shines over its western cultures, the greatest changer in recent history of Chinese, as well as the world after enlightenment.

in reference to: http://benzillar.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/hus-only-weapon/ (view on Google Sidewiki)

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