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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

God, i see ur light.

God, i see ur light.^got bonus from QRRS, just in time to let me have a good time with my baby&his mom in the coming lunar Spring festival, near noon. in office busy with download some small games for baby, who didn't enjoy pc games since my departing from his mom's house, tried on my notebook to ensure their working. tried to upgrade my wap's bonus pack via online office of the telcom, but failed, even i found lots of new ways to get my mobile service's statistic via wap or its portal online. listening to the Christian radio&greatly enchanted by a preach by a Taiwanese priest online. with the spirit i elaborated yesterday's tweet&posted it, otherwise i wouldn't post it for too short to recall. also tried a new google chrome's extension to connect to my qq account, a monopoly Chinese mainstream im community, and posted recent posts delayed so far for web qq just refused my logon. visit telcom's office to recharge ¥100, with which got an award of a set of bowls, just fine gift fit for my next visit to baby's mom's house within this week, when i will shower in the nearby public bathroom of her house, and updating baby's computer with some games, or appeasing him with holiday's gifts, like crackers or fireworks. public bathroom in QRRS area can harm me without my girl zhou's companion, for too many dogs' properties in service here and there around sipping the still lucrative business of the enterprise, QRRS.

the canteen of the dorms out of service, so dined out. after returned dorm, God soon let me join the Internet cafe i haunted the day before yesterday in the aim to meet my girl zhou. but she was not there. i tried to refine my qq profile with its client, which reportedly steals user's data so i never use on my pc, but ready on the cafe's pc. baby's mom greeted me via it online. i finally got binding her qq group she lent to me with one of my qq alumni there. some young beasts there heavily biting, one of them stared at me when i look back. i retreated after got satisfied with my effort there. in dorm, listened music after logged.

wired with gospel via radio online. God shines me with new assurance.^last night slept after 10pm, after surfed via wap. this morning woke up as normal.likely snowed last night. in office continued to catalog cliparts assets. returned dorm after lunched in office. returned office after 2:40pm, tried radio online. dined outside for the canteen out of service. a tall girl, looks like my girl zhou, lingered awhile gazing me far on the other side of QRRS main road, outside of the restaurant, while i waiting for serving dishes, with 2 male pals. lingered in dorm all night. felt my girl zhou longing for me, but the insulting scene on last Friday night still hurts me, God pacified me that's not my girl zhou. buzzed baby son for the blessing, arranged last shower in end of lunar 2009 with baby's mom, emakingir, in the public bathroom near her house, to temporarily porting in her house, also a gathering with my baby son routinely.

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